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We are getting into beta mode

Finally after over 1 year of development behind curtains we are officially going into beta mode..means we have something to show.

What exactly this service do ?

Using AI technology we scan the markets from the most popular exchanges (Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex) for unusual behavior and once something is find, a signal is generated on the website or via our telegram bot.

Most bought and most sold coins

On the homepage https://oxy.biz we show the most bought and the most sold coins from different exchanges on different time frames 7d, 24h and 1h, which means that you can make an idea about what is hot on the buy side and on the sell side

most bought coins on popular crypto exchanges
most sold coins on popular crypto exchanges

Market sentiment overview

Make an idea about how the market feels on the crypto sentiment page Based on the data scraped from the most popular crypto exchanges we make the math and we can see who is in charge, bulls or bears. This gives you an idea about what markets are doing, which direction is most probably to have on the 1W , 1D , 4h and 1h time frame.

market sentimen – the buy side
market sentiment – the sell side
domniation of volumes – find which side is on charge.

On the company portfolio page, we are showing our portfolio and our trades in real time when we buy and sell something. Right now we are operating on Binance, so you’ll be able to follow us what coins we gonna trade based on the generated signals and not only. Keep in mind that we are not giving trading advice here, beside the generated signals we also use other indicators to decide if we take the trade or not. What we are doing is very transparent, anyone can follow along with us.

What kind of signals you get on this website ?

Our AI detects big rise on volume (buy side and sell side) and give us a signal on the website and on telegram via our bot.

Signal generated via telegram bot

As you can see in the above image, volume has increased with 39 BTC this means that this market has action!

You can also see that we show how much BTC worth of the specific coin was bought and sold in last hour, last 24h and last 7 days

We also show how many signals was generated in last 7 days, market cap of the coin, Tradingview rating, RSI value and Bollinger Bands value

Signals generated on the website
Signal page generated on the website

On the website, we generate a page for each signal where you can see the following information :

  • time when was generated
  • volume increase or decrease
  • signal price
  • how much BTC worth of the coin was bough/sold last hour, last 24
  • hours and last 7 days
  • tradingview chart for specific market
  • info about the coin
  • market cap
  • daily volume in BTC
  • recent signals generated on the specific pair.

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