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Join us in the 1 Million Dollar Trading Tournament

Hey, dear traders! Have you heard about the latest Binance futures tournament?It’s a team profit tournament with a total prize pool of up to 1,000,000 USD in BNB to be Won! Find the full tournament details here: https://binance.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041026932-Binance-Futures-Tournament-Over-1-000-000-in-BNB-to-be-Won- We just created our team named oxybiz and we invite you to …

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Crypto Trading Journey #18

It’s been a while from when I didn’t updated my journey. It’s not because I gave up.. it’s because I was pretty busy lately with other stuff and I kind neglected this topic. But here we go again with another post related to my crypto journey and what I’m doing …

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3 coins to keep an eye on during October

AE/BTC – Binance I’m “anticipating” the completion of the AB-CD harmonic pattern I bought at the break of 0.25 line, around 2158 sats . Stop loss goes below the red 0 line, we have 3 low’s which defend our position. A close above 0.5 fib lvl will “force” me to move my stop to scratch. Aeternity …

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Crypto Trading Journey #12

August just started so a new month is starting in my journey. Yesterday didn’t do to many things regarding to trading because BTC is pumping again and of course altcoins are going down! It’s a classic in bitcoin land… when btc goes up altcoins goes down, when btc goes down… …

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Crypto Trading Journey #11

Yeeeeee! The blog is back. We had some issues with our blog in the past few days, we had it integrated to our website in a different manner, but not sure some things didn’t work so well (such displaying youtube videos and censoring some words) and we decided to move …

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Crypto Trading Journey #10

Load, reload… load reload. This is how I play these days… woke up in the morning 5 am in order to reload with alts because last night I went to sleep with my balance in BNB. At 3 am my time they are making the snapshot for the next IEO …

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Cryptocurrency Trading Journey #1

Decided to change the format on my journey, I will have a post for each day because is getting confused to post everything on the sam page. Here is my long post with my cryptocurrency trading journey where I posted a bunch of days from the beginning Blood on the …

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