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Managing 1 BTC crypto portfolio for the next 3 months

Updated : 6/21/2019

Oh boy, it’s been like 3 months from when I started this post, talking very optimistic about how I’m gonna manage $4k (1 BTC at that time) and seems that during this time I messed up almost everything. My first experience to trade for someone else, unfortunately, didn’t start as expected and not sure how and why I almost “forgot” all that I said that I’m gonna do.

Didn’t respect my trading plan, didn’t do what I said that I’m gonna do and of course, everything went against me. I lost more than 80% from the initial 1 BTC balance, and more than 50% in USD balance, I took trades which usually I will not take.. only because I wanted to make the money back and don’t look like a fool who’s not able to manage his behavior. Of course, there were lots of things that happened, BTC got pumped, alts where bleeding, USA people dumped all their alts because they cannot trade anymore on Binance and so on.. Also, lots of bad offline stuff happened.. putting all together all these lead to many bad trades which I took during these months.

I feel very bad because I remember before starting this portfolio management I did pretty well, despite that the market was bearish and BTC was under $5K. Maybe is the pressure because I trade for someone else was to big for me and eventually I got tilted few times and I did some bad moves.

I’m gonna give it one last chance, I made the commitment that I’m gonna follow my trading plan, I’m gonna log all my trades, I will track my mistakes and I will try to behave like a professional. Hope that it’s not too late because this is what I wanna do for a living and unfortunately I didn’t do very well lately. I’m almost down to 0 (0.1 BTC) with my personal account and with my other account which I trade for a friend I’m at 0.15 right now. Depressing I know… but yeah this is the reality I can’t lie myself anymore, I need to put my shit together that’s why I made this post.. to be ashamed of myself in hope that I will take count of all mistakes which I did and I’m gonna think twice when I’m about to don’t follow the plan.

How I’m gonna act this time :

First of all I’m gonna reduce the size of my trades, seems that I’m losing control when I raise the bid, so I will start again will smaller trades to get at that point (where I was some time ago) where I feel comfortable with the pressure, where I can handle all the stress of being in a position. I will use small amounts for each trade, slow and steady.

Respect the fucking trading plan

This is one of my biggest issues from when I started trading crypto, I was jumping from trade to trade because of FOMO or other things, now I want to slow down, I will not chase anymore and I will trade only setups. I want to behave a like a professional, I trade crypto for a living and I realized that without discipline I’m not gonna do what I do right now for a very long time and I won’t let that happen.

Trading plan sounds like this:

I trade on two Binance accounts, a personal account and one account for my buddy who funded me with 4k usd (1 btc at that time) to trade for. I know things didn’t go so well because of a reason or another but yeah, I’m the only one who is responsible for everything and the only one who need to fix this shit as soon as possible. That’s why I made the commitment to stick with the plan and move forward from the past.

Let’s call my personal account oxybiz account and the other account alden account.

Balance for oxybiz account is 0.093 BTC or $1000 and for alden account is 0.157 or $1716 with a total of 0.25 BTC and $2716

For oxybiz account I bought BNB coin with the intention to participate in their last IEO, I took this decision because their last IEO’s has nice gains so who knows, this can be a increase the balance of the account, also will test my discipline to don’t touch the balance and to respect what I said that I’m gonna do

For alden account, I used 0.1 BTC to buy some alts that I like with the intention to sell them on the rise, preferable half on a double to establish a risk-free position for each altcoin and the 0.05 left I will use to trade setups for day trading or swing trade.
Here is the list of coins which I bought: AION, QKC, BQX, GVT, WTC, STRAT, NANO, NEBL, EVX, ARK, KNC, WABI, ICX, BRD, MFT, DNT, RLC, KEY, REP, you can see the entry prices here. I invested 0.005 (50$) in each position and I bought almost all of them risking against bottom of ranges or against new lows.

Commitments :

Log all trades on the website
Respect the plan
Do what I said that I’m gonna do
Trade setups or other pre-defined strategies

This is it regarding to trading but there is more related to oxy.biz project

What’s new to oxy.biz project

In the past months, behind the curtains we worked hard on the project and we pushed few substantial updates which improved our service and made it more usable.

Beside the volume signals and other things which we had on the website, we created a page where you can analyze any coin from Binance, Bittrex, Hitbtc and Poloniex in a very unique way.

Let’s take walk into the analyze page what has to offer for you:

If you want to know what the coin is doing, total supply, total market cap, coin website etc, just hit the Info about coin button

Then, as you see in the image below, we have 4 time frames to watch how the coin is doing, it’s in his accumulation phase or in the distribution phase. Data is updating every minute and it speaks for itself! We use different techniques to store all the coins which are bought and sold on that specific.

Now that you made an idea about accumulation/distribution of the coin you can take a look at the chart to search for any chart pattern to coincide with the phase from the first image. We also have a tradingview widget who shows their perspective regarding the coin, it’s a buy or a sell on different time frames.

Moving forward, below the chart you can see any future event related to that coin (usually these events act like a fundamental driver aka buy the rumor sell the news and vice-versa) and past events, you can time the events on the charts to see how price action acted during that period.

Then if you walk more below the events page you can see the latest signals related to the coin, generated by our service.

And last but not least, you can see the all the latest tweets from that specific coin, you can stay up to date with any news or other events released on their twitter account.

But wait, we have more to show!

This page will show you which coins are the most bought and the most sold across multiple exchanges. Let’s say you don’t know or you don’t have any idea what to buy, we’ve got your back! Not financial advice of course, but you get the idea.

When you click on a coin you’ll be redirected to our analyzer page for the specific coin where you can see all the info mentioned above on the analyze coin section. This page can bring you lots of trading ideas moving forward.

This is it for now, but we have more to show you in the coming weeks/ months. Stay tuned.


Older info below;

Hey guys and gals, after few attempts, we finally got to a point where we found the recipe to start and manage a public crypto portfolio.

So what’s the deal?

We are getting tons of messages about our service (how it works, how to use, it is useful, etc) what kind of strategy we use to buy any coin, when to sell and how to manage a crypto account. As we all know, crypto is very volatile, people are freaking out when seeing 30%-40% drops in a day but they also have dollar eyes when they see huge gains 100%-200% in a day. In other words, this is crypto, take it as it is : )

My name is Dan, one of the founders of oxy.biz , 33 years old, full-time crypto trader and investor from over 2 years now. After getting almost “rekt” when I started, I decided that I have to put the effort to understand this domain because at first impression seems easy but it’s waaay wayy far from being easy.

I found Brian, one professional trader with over 30 years experience in trading which is also full-time crypto right now. He has a kick-ass trading school at TRI where I have been learning how to behave in the market, how to manage my emotions and I learned how to trade. It’s been a nice 2 years journey which is still going on with lvl 3 ahead, I still consider myself a student of the market, I’m still hungry to learn more and more and more.

Anyway, enough with the boring side, let’s jump into the plan:

We gonna use Binance simply because is the exchange with the largest volume and has a lots of coins.

Starting balance : 1 BTC

Strategic plan: I will buy only setups learned from TRI (I’m not gonna explain now how all the setups works and what’s the thinking behind, please visit TRI for more information) with a risk-reward at least 2:1. Basically all setups are based on, location divergence, structure >>> go!

Rules to follow:

Do not invest more than 5% in any trade idea
Log all trades with a screenshot
Do not get trades personally, don’t revenge trade
Do not trade if you don’t feel like
Be more social! Be more social! Be more social!

Please someone hit me if you see that I don’t follow the rules.

I’m gonna post almost all trades which I did from the beginning of this plan (everything started a few days ago) and of course all further traders.

  1. REP/BTC – WIN

invested 0.03 
entry 363200
target 42960
stop loss 35150
return 0.0355
profit +0.0055


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 84700
target 113700
stop loss 77800
return 0.0276
profit -0.024


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 40480 sats
target 49700
stop loss 36340
exit 41410
return 0.03
profit 0

-exited at a scratch on this one, didn’t liked how the market was acting, I said to myself that I can jump in again if some bullish pattern is painted on the chart.

I see that i made a mistake here, I didn’t respected the exit lvl, here i need to work more I need to do what I said that I’m gonna do.. but sometimes I feel that I’m like nostradamus and I start to predict market moves and you know, in that period the market always HITS YOU HARD 🙂


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 21970 sats
target 33333
stop loss 17920
exit 20250
return 0.027
profit  -0.003

Hard to say with this one, I exited the position because the chart gets ugly, I little bit above the stop lvl but the selling pressure seems higher. I can jump in again if something appears on the chart.


invested 0.04 BTC
entry 17480 sats
target  21380
stop loss 16360
return 0.0335
profit -0.0065


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 23770 sats
target  29760
stop loss 21000
return 0.027
profit -0.003


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 9170 sats
target  11420
stop loss 8000
return 0.037
profit +0.007


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 8976 sats
target  10396
stop loss 8770
return 0.027
profit -0.003


invested 0.04 BTC
entry 753 sats
target  1156
stop loss 672
return 0.038
profit -0.002


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 2953 sats
target  3928
stop loss 2595
return 0.027
profit -0.003


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 403 sats
target  474 sats
stop loss 365 sats


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 215 sats
target 255 sats
stop loss 200 sats
return 0.034
profit +0.004


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 238 sats
target 262 sats
stop loss 234 sats
exit 231 sats
return 0.028 sats
profit -0.002

This one was funny, I exited the position because my lvl was hit then look what happened! The shit went to the moon and of course I was without any coin. The bus went without me.


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 316000 sats
target 370000 sats
stop loss 279000 sats
return 0.026
profit -0.004


invested 0.01 BTC
entry 1019 sats
target 1347 sats
stop loss 910 sats
return 0.089
profit -0.0011


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 86 sats
target 110 sats
stop loss 78 sats
return 0.026
profit -0.004


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 14690 sats
target 27240 sats
stop loss 12860 sats
return 0.026
profit -0.004


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 29260 sats
target 36205 sats
stop loss 27057 sats
return 0.027
profit -0.003


invested 0.04 BTC
entry 6640 sats
target 95000 sats
stop loss 60000 sats
return 0.041
profit 0

Someone was dumping the shit out off this coin.

A classic BTC rally just happened these days and almost my positions had the stop hit, but yeah that’s trading, next bus in 10 minutes as they say!

Here is a screenshot from our portfolio page, I’m gonna post it just for the records


This is it, I’ll try to update this post as fast as possible with new positions. You can always watch our crypto portfolio page for real-time movements just in a case that this post will not be updated for any reason.

If you want to talk with us about trading ideas and any other subjects related to trading you can chat with us here on a daily basis.

9 April 2019 Update

I got kicked from few positions, BTC was leading the space and he kind smashed my altcoins position, but yeah, this is the space, I’m used with that.

We can see that BTC domination is painting a bullish pattern on the chart so I’m expecting a little break in altcoin land.

Also if we close red today we gonna print a bearish fractal on the altcoin market cap chart, which is also a “bad” sign for the bulls in altcoi land.

A retrace to 0.382 fib lvl is very possible.

New balance : 0.94 BTC , a little bit down from 1.06 at the end of March but I’m used with such up and downs. I’m still almost 3 months to go, the hope to be profitable at the end of this is still going on.

New positions and new liquidations.


invested 0.04 BTC
entry 581 sats
target 833 sats
stop loss 499 sats
exit 576 sats
return 0.039 sats
profit -0.001

Exited the position almost at scratch because I didn’t liked how the chart looks, to many bearish patterns on the chart, I’m gonna keep an eye on this if the market holds at 500 lvl. My setup was canceled.


invested 0.03 BTC
entry 393 sats
target 460 sats
stop loss 369 sats
exit 360 sats
return 0.027 sats
profit -0.003


invested – 0.03 BTC
entry – 45 sats
target – 53 sats
stop loss – 41 sats
exit –
return –
profit –


invested – 0.03 BTC
entry – 115 sats
target – 129 sats
stop loss – 108 sats
exit – 108 sats
return – 0.028
profit – -0.002


invested – 0.03 BTC
entry – 77 sats
target – 88 sats
stop loss – 73 sats
exit –
return –
profit –

Bought this bullish market structure with bull div in macd and other bullish signs in indicators. Will see if it holds or still keep going because BTC dominance seems to get higher which means weak altcoins.


invested – 0.03 BTC
entry – 122 sats
target – 146 sats
stop loss – 111 sats
exit –
return –
profit –

Bought that bullish market structure where support came all the time to defend the coin, now seems that wasn’t the case, I was almost stopped on that dump but yeah, the trade is still going on, will see what will happen next.


invested – 0.03 BTC
entry – 378 sats
target – 417 sats
stop loss – 353 sats
exit – 353 sats
return – 0.028 sats
profit – -0.002 sats

I bought against the bottom of this range in hope that support will hold like did in past but now seems that wasn’t the case, I got stopped and I walked away.


invested – 0.03 BTC
entry – 631 sats
target – 714 sats
stop loss – 580 sats
exit – 581 sats
return – 0.027 sats
profit – -0.003 sats

Again this one , I got stopped second time in less that a week, all the time when I see a bullish market structure on this one something happens, my stop get hit then of course a rally happens, I’m curious if this time is “different”


invested = 0.03 BTC
entry = 1204 sats
target = 1478 sats
stop loss = 1100 sats
exit = 1100 sats
return = 0.027 sats
profit = -0.003 sats


invested = 0.03 BTC
entry = 7360 sats
target = 8600 sats
stop loss = 6800 sats
exit = 6800 sats
return = 0.027 sats
profit = -0.003 sats


invested = 0.03 BTC
entry = 1437700 sats
target = 1586900 sats
stop loss = 1361100 sats
exit = 1361100 sats
return = 0.028 sats
profit = -0.002 sats


invested = 0.03 BTC
entry = 6762 sats
target = 8229 sats
stop loss = 6144 sats
exit = –
return = –
profit = –

This one came very close to my stop lvl but didn’t kicked me off. Still holding the position, will see what future has to say.


invested = 0.04 BTC
entry = 15 sats
target = 21 sats
stop loss = 12 sats
exit = –
return = –
profit = –

Looking for a 0.5 lvl target on this one, support was holding very well on 15 sats so i loaded some on this area.


invested = 0.03 BTC
entry = 4043 sats
target = 4664 sats
stop loss = 3837 sats
exit = –
return = –
profit = –

This is a chart that I like how it looks, I don’t know too much about what they do but technically looks good, bullish market structure on price, on macd and on oscillator.


invested = 0.03 BTC
entry = 70900 sats
target = 77010 sats
stop loss = 68600 sats
exit = 70200
return = 0.0297
profit = 0

Exited this one on scratch because I saw on the chart that lots of bearish signs was forming. Bearish divergence on MACD, on OBV and oscillator lost the -50 line which indicates the transition from bullish to bearish. Seems that was a good decission because the price went was lower.


invested = 0.03 BTC
entry = 2601800 sats
target = 3135600 sats
stop loss = 2507300 sats
exit = –
return = –
profit = –

I tried something different on this one looking on line chart like institutions do, will see what happens. Till now doesn’t look so well but yeah, I will not touch it until the lvl got hit. It can turn very quickly, dash supply is very low, lots of coins locked in masternodes.

Here is a screenshot with our crypto portfolio page where you can see all our positions and all our moves in real time. Unfortunately, we are down -6% from when we started but yeah, this is crypto , very volatile space.


That’s it for now, hope to come with better news next time.

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