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Cryptocurrency Trading Journey #2

Crazy bitcoin, I have been playing on bitmex last night and guess what? I opened a short position at 10890 with a stop loss at 11070. First went down and at some point, I had like 10 percent profit buuuuut I didn’t close the position and I let it overnight and the bastards pushed the price to 11073 (my stop 11070) fucked my position and then went in my target where I wanted to sell.

Today again, at some point, I had a position with 7% percent and I didn’t take the profits 😐 and now is rallying again. Man is a tough game on bitmex… is not easy peasy. I sent 0.02 I have in my balance 0.0136 right now, need to put my shit together

On binance they dumped like shit all altcoins again and I got stopped from all positions, late in the night I bought them again as the BTC dominance was pointing down. Right now is all good but will see in few hours because in this domain everything can change so fast. Like yesterday for example.. btc went down and I was in a short position and I went away from the pc for few minutes and of course, in that period he pumped violently like 500 in 2 minutes :)) from positive I went to negative in 5 minutes 😐 and all altoins went down like crazy

How do I feel today?
Under pressure, this week is full of events and expenses. The market doesn’t want to give me a little gift.. at least to make the money which I have to put on that fucking wedding 😐 still 5 days to go.. who knows what will happen in this period.

What did I learn?
I learn that people forget the past and they think only at the present. Even my girlfriend or my future wife (at least till today) said today that she feels that she’s having enough with paying bills and stuff 😐 seriously ? after 7 years of relationship I paid all the shit to go in holidays and stuff and now when I’m in a tough period you feel that you have enough? 😐 no words man, no words. We had a fight today, I started to change my impression about her… this is inexplicable after 7 years of relationship. I can’t tolerate this, period.

What did I observe?
Fuckery, loads of fuckery around me…. need to be strong and pass over it.

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