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Cryptocurrency Trading Journey #1

Decided to change the format on my journey, I will have a post for each day because is getting confused to post everything on the sam page. Here is my long post with my cryptocurrency trading journey where I posted a bunch of days from the beginning

Blood on the streets man again, BTC puke out to $9800 and I didn’t shorted out the shit out of it. But yeah, I’m glad because at least I sent something to bitmex to start my training with the leverage trading. 

I closed the TRX position yesterday 5%+ (at some point was 17%+) because of the BTC phuke, everything dumped like shit bro, doesn’t matter the name of the coin.

This is the frustration part i this game, when BTC makes major moves either up or down altcoins are bleeding. Like one year ago when btc was going up alts down but when btc was going down.. alts was going up and you could make more btc riding the wave.. but now bro…. doesn’t matter the direction of btc alts are going down! 

How do I feel today?
Stressed a bit bro, this week is a full one for me, loads of expenses with that fucking wedding.. my balance will have a 50% haircut and this is depressing me. Hope hope hope that I’ll be able to have some profitable trades this week because is very important for me to don’t lose my balance.

What did I observe?
I observed that BTC was to drunk lately and puke a lot these days. Hope he takes some medicine and get better soon. 
Alts are bleeding, I’m waiting on the sidelines like a sniper to shoot something

What did I learn ?
Is getting harder to follow along in this way so I dediced to make more posts for each day and post there what I feel, this post has 40mins of reading time lol and I’m posting just form a couple of days

Balances, balances? how much you still have???????????

Just renewed my 3commas subcription today, 30 bucks paid from my personal account.

Oxybiz account
0.0188 — mex
0.062 — binance 
total 0.088 Btc or 892 usd

Alden account
0.135 btc or 1361 usd — binance

Need to stay focused bro, glad that I started the day with my morning routine. I’m at 28 days in a row with my mediation, also with my cold shower, gym and stuff. Just need to learn more on the trading side, behavior and emotions.. and yeah almost forgot, need to increase my fucking balance! 🙂

Pick one to help me 🙂
Open Binance account
Open Bitmex account
Open 3commas account

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