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Crypto Trading Journey #9

I see green bro… I see green on the altcoin land! Yeeeee, hope hope hope that the season is on its way. It’s been a while from I saw so many coins in green. The good news is that I’m also in alts and I also own some which are on top 🙂


Hope is just the beginning 😀 One of the issue is that I can’t stay in alts overnight because I have to stay in BNB because of the snapshot. Yesterday I forgot to do that and I missed one day of the snapshot….. I will sell them before going to sleep for BNB and tomorrow I will wake up early and I’ll jump again in alts if the trend is still up. I know that is possible to turn over if BTC will jump like crazy, but I’m looking at the charts and I see a downtrend on the BTC price.

BTC dominance – we just broke to new lows, that explain the small rally on the altcoin land

Altcoin dominance – I see this wonky fractal, inverse head and shoulders on the altcoin dominance which is good 😀 Testing 0.382 if we resolve it bullish we are going up at least to the 0.5 lvl

Altcoin marketcap – we’re trying to put a bottom in the altcoin market cap

BTC it’s in a downtrend, hope that will go slowly, looking for this scenario.. a dump in the 7250 area then up again to the moon. I’m not disappointed because btc is going down a bit... I don’t have enough right now so this will give me a chance to make more!! 😀

How do I feel today?
A bit strange, I feel that I need to repeat all the course material because I forgot a lot of info bro.. sometimes I feel like I know nothing 😐 which is very strange. I’m ruled by emotions bro.. fear of not losing money. I’m meditating on this, I need to let go of the stress and the fear.
I feel good because I still follow my morning habits, I’m at day 39 in a row with my mediation, stretching and cold shower in the morning.

What did I observe?
Of course, I observed green in altcoin land bro 😀 greeeeeen

What did I learn?
Watched the daily brief from the TRI community where I learn every day something (which I forgot to specify till today) beside that I completed all the market scans and I learn how to watch on my new matrix which includes a loads of indicators!

What should I do and fix?
I need to get my ass and watch that Wim Hof course to put my body in the best shape.
I need to get back on diet, also I need to do that fasting with juices
I need to train on trading! I need to have sessions every day of trading training (sounds good)

And more… I’m tired now, I’m running to sleep, tomorrow I’ll wake up early at 4 am in the morning.

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