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Crypto Trading Journey #11

Yeeeeee! The blog is back.

We had some issues with our blog in the past few days, we had it integrated to our website in a different manner, but not sure some things didn’t work so well (such displaying youtube videos and censoring some words) and we decided to move it to a stand-alone WordPress installation.

Of course we encountered some issues after moving, we still have some (such a not displaying permalink as a post name) but finally, I’m able to express my thoughts in my crypto trading journey

Some good things happened and some bad things happened.

Let’s start with the bad things:

I’ve missed the Binance IEO, again! fuck fuck fuck… it was the first day when I didn’t stay in BNB during the night and because of that I did not had 50 BNB average on each day.. the average was only 43 BNB. And I waited for it all days in the hope that I will qualify… I miss-read the time zones and shit happened. This was for my alden account, I missed the chance also for my other account. So again no IEO this time.

The good news is that I started a juice fasting 6 days ago and I feel very well. For the last 6 days I have been drinking only juice 😀 It’s my second time when I do this cleanse with juices and I got to tell you that I’m feeling energic and with good mode, lean and clean. I gave my body a small break, a deserved holiday from his day to day job.

Back to trading…

I had a weird period lately, didn’t trade too much because I wanted to participate in the latest Binance IEO and I had almost all my balance in BNB. Now that the show is over and I wasn’t able to be part of that new IEO I’ll have to put my shit together again and concentrate on trading. The plan is to focus more on harmonics and start a new adventure in trading using them.

How do I feel today?
Feeling energetic because of my fasting but I also feel a bit dissapointed because I didn’t get qualified for the latest Binance IEO, that was the plan but this times wasn’t the case.

What did I observe?
We are in a 2 days FED meeting period and I observed huge volatility in the market.

What did I learn?
I’m reading right now the Harmonics book my Scot Carney also watching some of the harmonic patterns videos.

Update: BTC is going up as FED meeting is approaching, dominance also is going crazy and altcoins are going down again…

I’m waiting and watching, to risky to take any trades right now.

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