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Crypto Trading Journey #16

I said that I’m back on the saddle with posting on blog and trading but to be honest lately the weather was amazing and I’m a summer maniac, all my hobbies are summer related and I kinda pushed a mini holiday again to do other offline stuff like fishing, paddling, swimming.

Related to trading, August was amazing for me compared to other months. I had great profits for my both accounts and I increased substantially my balances. The public portfolio is up 50% from 0.1 BTC to 0.15 BTC and my personal account also is up more than I was expected.

I feel a bit bad because I didn’t post my trade ideas in the hope that someone else with also benefits from the… I’m a bit disappointed on myself because I’m not doing what I said that I’m gonna do but on the other hand I also realized that I need to schedule my stuff for a better organization.

I’m doing another call now for Monday 2 September 2019 to get back on track for real. Summer is ending, I need to get prepared for my final exam from the TRI school for traders (which is not easy task) and I also need to tarde more to get my ass on that level where I dream.

Meanwhile, we worked hard to develop our new homepage for the oxy.biz website, new subscription payment processor and many other small updates to the main website. I have to give a big shoutout to my partner which is a genius and he solved many issues which we had with the website in the past. Now things look much better and slowly we are going to start our marketing campaign for the product. That’s why I need to put my shit together because I want to give as much value as I can to everyone who’s subscribed to our service. My main focus will be on trading and on the website

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