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Crypto Trading Journey #15

Today I got back to normal, started the day with my morning routine which I interrupted for about 2 weeks. I was at 50+ days in a row with meditation, stretching and cold shower every morning and I have to say that I was missing this routine. I feel much better today after taking again a cold shower in the morning, meditating, stretch my body then walk in nature with my dog and after that training my body into the gym. This is how I want to start my days in order to reach my full potential.

I need some more scheduling work to do for the second part of the day, I have to fill all hours with other important activities such a learning new things in my fields (personal development, trading, training my body, dieting.

I also scanned almost all markets from Binance on different time frames and I also bought some coins. Till today I was in BTC as the charts were pointing up but things changed and seem that BTC is about to retrace.

Bitcoin analysis 20 August 2019

According to this Gann study, it’s been a while from when BTC is playing between the 1/1 and 2/1 angles. This time seems that we are testing again the 0.382 Fibonacci level if we hold we can retest the 1/1 angle Gann to the upside if we lose it, we are going to test again the 2/1 Gann angle. If we lose the angle we are probably going to test the 0.618 fib level which is close to $7302 corresponds with the 3/1 Gann angle where is probably the strongest support zone.

Also, this study shows that we just transitioned to the bear side, we have loads of gaps which has to be filed at some point and corresponds to our Gann study prediction. Assuming that we gonna test the bottom of the channel, the chances to visit the reload zone area are pretty high

More updates to come…

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