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Trading Journey

Crypto Trading Journey #8

Man this is crazy, today I wanted to catch a Binance listing and I bought because and everything which was listed on Binance lately was pumping like crazy. So I bought the coin from their dex exchange where the coin was already listed and sent them to Binance and patiently …

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Crypto Trading Journey #7

Man, yesterday I was half dead, definitely, I had too many beers, too many beers, too many beers at that wedding party. I was in recovery mode, I went fishing with my lovely gf and my dog and I was nice! Now I’m back in the saddle, ready to kick …

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Cryptocurrency Trading Journey #6

Just a quick update, today I won’t be able to trade as I’ll be to a wedding party and I made a rule for myself to don’t trade anymore when I’m not at home or I don’t have control over my trades. Last time when I was at a wedding …

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Cryptocurrency Trading Journey #5

It’s almost the end of the day here, had a pretty full day doing loads of stuff online and offline. It’s Electric Castle (a music festival close to my city) and this is the first year when I’m not going after 4 years in a raw. You know why ($) …

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Cryptocurrency Trading Journey #4

I wanna start the post by saying many thanks to God and anyone who helps and support me in this journey. Today I received 500 bucks from my good old buddy who saw that I’m struggling in life, with this project and in trading. This amount just pumped my mode …

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Cryptocurrency Trading Journey #3

Man these coins doesn’t have any bottom seems, it’s been over 1.5 years of down and down and down.. and I didn’t know how a bear market loooks… so here you go bro, after all this period as a bull trader I got fucked up pushing for bull trades on …

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Cryptocurrency Trading Journey #2

Crazy bitcoin, I have been playing on bitmex last night and guess what? I opened a short position at 10890 with a stop loss at 11070. First went down and at some point, I had like 10 percent profit buuuuut I didn’t close the position and I let it overnight …

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