Binance Trades

3 coins to keep an eye on during October

AE/BTC – Binance I’m “anticipating” the completion of the AB-CD harmonic pattern I bought at the break of 0.25 line, around 2158 sats . Stop loss goes below the red 0 line, we have 3 low’s which defend our position. A close above 0.5 fib lvl will “force” me to move my stop to scratch. Aeternity …

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AGI/BTC Bulls are ready for a new push

Just discovered this inverse h&s which also happen to be in a great location, as a break of a 0.25 lvl indicates a breakout in a trade continuation setup AB=CDBullish divergence confirmed on MACDOscillators point bullish market structure on the mid point which means the trend is bullish . OBV makes higher highs and higher lows which means is in uptrend, money …

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TNB/BTC Trend continuation setup

Trying to ride the uptrend with this trend continuation AC=CD harmonic setup. Bought the 0.25 lvl with a target at 96 sats. Stop loss just below 80 sats. Invested 0.0125 BTC Entry 84 sats Stop loss 80 sats arget 96 sats

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PIVX/BTC Going long, looking for 0.5% tag

Our signaling service sent multiple up signals for PIVX/BTC as you can see here and after analyzing the chart we decided to go long on this trade Invested 0.01 BTC Bought the double bottom formation with a stop at previous support. Looking for a 0.5% target Entry 19920 Target 23680 Stop loss …

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TRX/BTC Binance Trading Long

TRX going strong, our AI signaled serious volume increase on the buy side! I also like the fact that we have a breakout formation near 0.382 Fib lvl, i kind front run this trade but if we resolve 0.382 bullish the chances are to get some rally. They also have …

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EOS/BTC Binance Long Trade

Volume increased with over 40 BTC , someone makes serious buys here : Let’s see what happens Entry – 68570 sats Stop loss – below the railroad tracks Target – 89470 sats , Risk Reward 3.45 , potential profit almost 30% Waiting for updates

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