3 coins to keep an eye on during October


AE/BTC – Binance

I’m “anticipating” the completion of the AB-CD harmonic pattern

I bought at the break of 0.25 line, around 2158 sats .

Stop loss goes below the red 0 line, we have 3 low’s which defend our position.

A close above 0.5 fib lvl will “force” me to move my stop to scratch.

Aeternity also have a fundamental driver
aka Hard Fork at the end of the month.

Also, we can see from the last 24h till now the coin was more bought than sold.


18 indicators show that’s a buy according to this TA score


Here you can see the future events and the most recent signals which are pointing up


MITH/BTC – Binance


Look at this beauty which is getting ready to visit “the moon”

I found so many reasons to buy this one:

1. Most important, location. The location is very good vs risk reward, bottom of the range.

2. MACD divergence, price on the chart was going down but the MACD histogram is going up.

3. OBV ( on balance volume ) divergence which means that the money are going into the asset not outside the asset.

4.Fundamental driver aka coin burn. They will burn some coins at the end of the month. more info here: https://twitter.com/MithrilOfficial/stat…

Risking against bottom of range with a profit target to 0.5 lvl which give us a 66% potential profit 🙂

XRP/BTC – Binance


Bought this trend continuation setup at the break of the 0.25 fib level.

Even if you buy now, the potential profit is still 17% so is not a bad shot.

The stop loss goes below the red 0 line.
If we close above the 0.5 the stop will be moved at scratch so we don’t transform a winner in a loser 🙂

Beside this trend continuation setup, which is anticipating the completion of the AB-CD move, we also have a fundamental driver event the Swell event hosted by Ripple in 7-8 November, plenty of time to push the price up before the event.

Kind of buy the rumor sell the news event. Don’t fall in trap, hope the target will be hit before the event because after that I’m expecting a dump.
More info about the event here : https://swell.ripple.com/

History tell us that they always pumped the coin before the event. Also the XRP army is huge, they will do the job and will buy into the event.

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