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Real-time insights from crypto markets: New coin listings, Hot Coins Right Now ( most bought/sold), Coin Analyzer, Fundamental events, Market sentiment, Volume based signals, Crypto trading portfolio, Telegram bot.

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Data doesn't lie!

Our algorithms constantly scans the altcoin markets from most popular crypto exchanges and automatically sends signals when detects unusual volume activity on a specific market.

Track the most bought or sold cryptocurrencies for our supported exchanges, an easy way to make and idea which coins are accumulated or which one are distributed on the market.

Use Analyze Coin to see: Info about the coin, Bought/Sold raito in BTC, coin chart, technical analysis score provided by Tradingview, Fundamental Events, Recent Signals, Twitter feed.

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Coin Analyzer

Within a click you're able to see: the amount bought and sold in BTC, tradingview chart, technical analysis score, cryptocurrency calendar events, crypto twitter feed.


Most bought and sold coins

Excellent source for trading ideas as you can see which cryptocurrencies are the most accumulated or most distributed on the market.


Crypto Market Sentiment

We collect data with all the amounts bought and sold (in BTC) and we plot the data on the charts. Great visual representation of the buying percentage vs sell percentage on overall markets.


Crypto Portfolio

Follow up with us in our crypto journey. See what we buy what we sell in our Portfolio page


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Beign in crypto is not easy. You have to follow good communities to be on the right side. Don't be that guy lost in the forest.

Over the last few years, we learned a lot from our crypto journey. We lost loads we made loads but at the end of the day, we realized that we had to be consistent, and we created this website to keep us on track. We are not here to bullsiht anyone, we are here to grow together. There is room for everyone.

At first we tired to ofer this project for moeny, but we realized that is not easy for new people to understand crypto, and they will not pay money for such a things. But yeah, thanks GOD markets where kind enough with US and we dropped the idea of charging money for this service

It's clear that we do not offer trading advice here. Please see this website as your website, check the data, ask questions, we are here to help.

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